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Stay Secure Online: Look for the Green Bar

Surf the Internet lately? Then you must be seeing green. The green address bar that is.  We’ve adopted a new security feature to help you visually verify that you are at our authentic Web site. The address bar in your browser will display https://, turn green and show you our name in high-security browsers.

We use EV SSL Certificates for security and to help you confirm that you have reached our legitimate Web site, not a "spoofed" site created by fraudsters to steal your personal and financial information. EV SSL means that TowneBank passed a rigorous identification process conducted by VeriSign, the leading security provider on the Internet.

Below you will find a guide to help you better understand the value of EV SSL :

The green bar in Internet Explorer

1. Address Bar- The address bar will appear green, indicating to users that the Web site is highly authenticated and secure.

2. Padlock Icon- A closed padlock is prominently displayed in the address bar. Users may click the padlock to view details about the certificate that secures the site and the certificate issuer.

3. Security Status Bar- The security status bar rotates between the name of the authenticated organization and VeriSign, the trusted 3rd party that performed the Extended Validation authentication.

No Green Address Bar?

A secure session starts when the address begins with https instead of http.  White or without color means the page is encrypted with SSL, but no identity information is available. You need to work a little harder to verify that this Web site belongs to the company you intended to visit before entering sensitive data. Carefully review the Web site address or click the padlock to view the Web site’s security information.

Yellow Address Bar?

Proceed with caution. Yellow indicates suspicious activity. Certain characteristics of the site are consistent with the behavior of fraudulent Web sites. The site has not been confirmed as a fraudulent Web site. A yellow address bar rarely appears, but is a possible indicator.

Red Address Bar?
Stop! The site is a known phishing site and misrepresents its identity or a problem exists with the SSL Certificate that secures the site (i.e. it has been revoked, it is for the wrong Web site or the certificate has expired). Check the Web site address to make sure you have entered it correctly. If the error persists, you shouldn’t browse further or enter any data. 
See the green address bar in other high security browsers

We want you to feel secure online, so the EV SSL is one of the ways that we are helping you make better and safer decisions when you transact with us online.  

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