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ATM and Debit Transactions

The Federal Reserve issued a regulatory change that affects consumers at all financial institutions.  This regulation provides additional options to Debit and ATM cardholders.  Please read the important information below, as this regulation is currently in effect. 

What Has Changed?

  • In the past, banks could provide overdraft protection as a courtesy to members on a discretionary basis.
  • Going forward, any courtesy overdraft services made available for ATM and one-time Debit Card overdraft transactions will only be available if you agree or "opt-in." (You must opt-in prior to the overdraft transaction) 

Why Should I Consider Opting-In?

  • Have you ever had a temporary hold placed against your account?  Have you ever written a check and forgotten to record it in the checkbook?  These items can affect the balance in your account. 
  • When you "opt-in," you are telling us that you would like us to consider authorizing and paying overdrafts on your ATM and everyday debit card transactions.
  • This safety net may come in handy the next time you are at the gas station, or save you embarrassment while in line at the grocery store.

What Happens If I Do Not Opt-In?

  • If we have not heard from you, any ATM and one-time Debit Card transactions that may overdraw your account, will be declined.
  • With this new regulation, your hometown banker can no longer pay these transactions on your behalf, even if you would like them to, unless you have opted-in.

Ready to Opt-in?

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