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First Person: Charles B. Hunter, Business banker, TowneBank

October 05, 2012

Reported In: Inside Business
By: Staff
Charles B. Hunter, Business Banker, TowneBank named to HRTCC Board

On TowneBank

As a business banker for TowneBank, I am responsible for building relationships with business members. This includes reviewing new loan requests, helping members with their checking accounts, and everything in between. I'm always available to my members and I'm their first point of contact when it comes to meeting their financial needs. As far as a daily routine goes, each day is different as members' needs are constantly evolving. This variety, and the ability to help members, whatever their needs, is what I really like about commercial lending. The economy, of course, has been a big challenge for everyone, and many businesses have had to adapt and significantly change the way they do business. This influences us in the banking industry, as we look for ways to assist our members and help them with both their short- and long-term goals.

Mission of the HRTCC board

The mission of the HRTCC board is to provide reliable and efficient transportation services and facilities to the Hampton Roads community. As the representative for the city of Portsmouth, my role is to act as a voice for the city and its citizens. The board sets strategies and policies to accomplish its mission, and I want to help ensure that Portsmouth is represented in the decisions relating to transit in Hampton Roads.

Voice of the community

I was interested in serving on the board because transportation is a major issue in Hampton Roads, and the importance of transportation will increase in the years to come. As such, I was very interested in being a part of the group that would deliver solutions to the region. While many citizens have differing views on what is the best solution, I believe that most citizens agree that as a region we're not quite where we want to be with regard to our transit system. Given the military presence in our region and the growing population, providing viable transportation solutions is a key component in determining the success of the region going forward. I will represent Portsmouth by ensuring that solutions for the transportation issues do not have an adverse effect on our citizens, but in fact, increase the quality of life for them by providing practical options for how they navigate the region.

On community concerns

I think the concerns of the Portsmouth community are similar to any other city. With the tolls that are set for the future, I think the citizens of Portsmouth are looking for some alternatives to driving individual automobiles. Additionally, I believe that citizens throughout Hampton Roads are always looking for viable options to alleviate traffic and ways to move more easily around the region.

2011 Lefcoe Leadership Outstanding Alumni Award Recipient

The Lefcoe Leadership program is aimed at developing and producing potential volunteers for the city's various boards and commissions. I feel very fortunate to have gone through the program and as a result, I learned a great deal about the history of the city and how it currently operates. I've always believed that it's important to support the community where you reside. Volunteering to serve in various capacities is how I've been able to accomplish that. I feel that if you can contribute in a meaningful way, then you should. I think that it is everyone's duty to share ideas that will increase the quality of life for citizens in the community. Everyone working together to advance the greater good of the entire group is what a community is all about.

On defining leadership

In my opinion, leadership is all about having a vision, leading by example, and being willing to serve. I think it's important for leaders to clearly articulate their vision, both at work and in the community. Feedback is invaluable. Once everyone has a shared vision, everyone has to be willing to serve to achieve as such. I firmly believe that leadership ultimately determines the success of the organization.

On downtime

It seems like I have very little downtime these days. But when I do, I enjoy spending time with my family and girlfriend. Additionally, I am an avid runner and enjoy competing in local races year round.

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