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Employee Interview

Selecting the right employees for your company is critical. During the interview process, there are three fundamental questions you will be seeking to answer:

  • Can the person do the job?
  • Will the person do the job?
  • Will the person add to your business's overall success?
The Interview questions below can provide insight into your candidate's skills and experience.
Evaluating the applicant's education  

Describe your educational background.
Where did you attend high school and/or college?
Did you work while attending college?
Are you interested in continuing your formal education?

Evaluating the applicant's capability and willingness to do the job 

Describe your duties in your prior jobs.
What did you like or dislike about those jobs?
Describe accomplishments in those jobs that you are most proud of.
What parts of those jobs did you find least desirable?
Why are you considering this position?
Are there co-workers from prior jobs that would provide recommendations for you? What would they say?
What are your objectives for this job?

Evaluating whether the applicant will fit into your company

Describe interactions with coworkers at your prior positions.
What did you like most about your prior positions?
How do you like to relate to fellow workers and supervisors?

You may also want to ask one final question -
Is there anything that we have not covered that I should be aware of in evaluating you for this position?
Have you thought about insurance and benefits for this new employee?  From individual health insurance, to employee benefits, we offer a wide range of products and services that can be catered to meet all of your company's needs.   

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