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Choosing a Business Location

Choosing and leasing a location for your business is critical. Your type of business will dictate many of your decision-making factors. For example, a retail business that is dependent on walk-in traffic means that you must have a location where there are many people who have an interest in your product or service.
Here are some additional factors to consider in choosing a location.

Is there adequate space for current and future levels of business?
Is the space appropriate for your business? Does it have enough private offices, work areas and storage space?
Is there adequate parking available for customers and employees?
Is traffic congestion a problem?
Does the location suite the commuting needs of employees?
What types of communication services are available? If your business uses the Internet, are high speed services (T-1 lines, DSL or cable modem) available? Ask other tenants what they are using.
Is the space conducive to your type of business?

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