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Towne-Personal/Biz FinanceWorks FAQ

  1. What is FinanceWorks?

    FinanceWorks is a program within Towne-Personal and Towne-Biz that allows you to view transactions from accounts you hold at other banks, credit unions, credit card companies or investment firms. By using FinanceWorks you can get a holistic view of where your money is going. The tool also allows you to set up budget goals and alerts to monitor your money, all from one place.

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  2. What are the benefits of using FinanceWorks?

    FinanceWorks allows you to categorize your spending, set up alerts, and conveniently keep track of tax related expenses in one place.

    Spending Overview
    The tool allows you to easily categorize your transactions to get an overview of your income and outgoing expenses. Make a purchase that needs to be split into two categories? No problem. FinanceWorks allows you to separate your transactions for accuracy.  After using FinanceWorks for a while, the program will recognize monthly payees and expenses and categorize recurring transactions for you.

    Receive Alerts and Notifications
    FinanceWorks allows you to set up and receive alerts in two convenient ways. First, receive notifications right on the FinanceWorks home page within online banking. Second, set up customized alerts and have them delivered right to your email address. Get up to date balance alerts for all of your accounts that you have integrated into FinanceWorks.  You can even receive notifications if you are in danger of exceeding your monthly budget.
    Stay on Track for Tax Season
    Use the Tax Watch tool to track the FinanceWorks transactions that you have categorized as 'charity' or 'childcare' to help you prepare for tax season. You can also use Tax Watch to select additional categories and track any deductions or credits that you may not receive a tax form for.
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  3. How do I get to FinanceWorks?

    You must first login to Towne-Personal/Biz. From the online banking home screen you can access FinanceWorks in one of two ways.

    Option 1
    For first time use of FinanceWorks you should see two charts at the bottom of the Account Summary screen within online banking labeled 'Outside Accounts' and 'View Spending'. Simply click on the 'Get Started' link in either chart, read through the terms and conditions and if you agree select 'I Accept'. Then you're ready to start adding your accounts.

    Option 2
    You can also access FinanceWorks through the 'Manage Money' tab on the main menu within Towne-Personal/Biz. Hover over 'Manage Money' and from the drop down menu select 'FinanceWorks'.

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  4. How do I add accounts to FinanceWorks?

    Adding your accounts is easy!  Once you've logged in to online banking simply navigate to FinanceWorks either by selecting the 'Go to FinanceWorks' link on the account summary page or the 'Manage Money' tab in the online banking main menu and then select 'FinanceWorks'. Then simply follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Once you are on the FinanceWorks page, select 'Manage Accounts'.


    Step 2: Select 'Add Account' from the top of the page

    Step 3: Simply enter the name of a financial institution you have an existing relationship with in the field and then select 'Search'. Or use the list provided for you.

    Step 4: Then, enter the user name and password you would use when logging in on that financial institution's website and select 'Continue.' If the log in is successful, FinanceWorks will connect and display all of the accounts you have with that financial institution.

    Step 5: Select the accounts you wish to view in FinanceWorks and then select 'Continue'. Your accounts should then appear within FinanceWorks.

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  5. Can I use FinanceWorks for my business transactions?

    Yes. FinanceWorks allows users to categorize transactions for your business within the same platform. This will allow you to view all of your expenses in the business tab and see income and expenses on pie charts. 

    Need to print a summary? No problem. FinanceWorks allows you to print a report.  A very handy tool at tax time!

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  6. Can I pay bills or set up transactions within FinanceWorks?

    FinanceWorks allows you to get a holistic view of all of your accounts; however, you must still use the functionality within online banking to manage payments and set up recurring transactions within your TowneBank account.

    If you use bill pay with other financial institutions, you must log in to those accounts and manage those payments.

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  7. Do I need any special software on my computer to use FinanceWorks?

    Not necessarily. FinanceWorks is a tool that works within online banking; however, you will need an up to date version of Adobe Flash Player to use the program.

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  8. Is FinanceWorks accessible through my mobile device?

    FinanceWorks is best viewed on a desktop computer.  While you may be able to view some components of FinanceWorks using a mobile device if you login to Towne-Personal/Biz through the full website be aware that your device must support Adobe Flash.

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  9. What happens if I change my user ID and password with one of the financial institutions I view within FinanceWorks?

    If you change your user ID and password with one of the financial institutions outside of TowneBank, you must also make the change within FinanceWorks. 

    If you change your login information for your TowneBank account, FinanceWorks automatically receives the new information because you access FinanceWorks from this institution.

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  10. Who can I call if I have any questions?

    Our eChannel support team is available Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. by phone at 757-638-6714. If you have a question after hours, FinanceWorks features a robust 'Help' section accessible within the tool. Just select 'Help' from the menu tab on any page within FinanceWorks.

    Note: Sometimes, if you have trouble connecting to your outside accounts you may need to contact the other financial institution for help.  TowneBank's eChannel support team does not have access to accounts you hold at other financial institutions.

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