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Towne-Biz Plus Enhancements FAQ

  1. Why did Towne-Biz Plus change?

    The enhancements were designed to simplify and improve your online experience with more intuitive navigation menus, an updated look and feel, and streamlined account information display and forms.

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  2. How did the upgrade benefit me?

    The new look and feel enables you to view your account information with ease. Forms are more user-friendly and the site is easier to navigate.

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  3. Were there changes to the navigation?

    Yes. The former navigation included 8 main menu options: Administration, Account Services, Balance Reporting, Funds Transfer, Online Services, Email, Help and Sign Off. 

    The new navigation menu was simplified into four main menu options and services are now arranged in easy to use sub-menus. 

    Current Navigation


    New Navigation


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  4. How are services arranged under the main menu options?

    Each main menu option features a more intuitive submenu. The names of some services have been slightly altered.  The Quick Reference Guide provides a detailed look at each menu.


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  5. What will I find under Administration?

    The Administration menu for Online Banking Managers (i.e. the Company Administrator) will be divided into three sections - Manage Users, Manage Company and My Profile. 


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  6. What is under Account Activities & Reporting?

    The menus previously named “Account Services” and “Reporting & Statements” have been combined to form Account Activities & Reporting. While there were minor changes to the names of some sub-menu items, all services will remained intact.


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  7. What will I find under Payments & Transfers?

    Payments and Transfers feature any service that involves moving money or paying bills such as ACH, Federal Tax Payments, Account Transfers and Wire Transfers.  


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  8. Did ACH and Wire functions change?

    No. All of the ACH and Wire services previously available are still supported in the new system; however, some services were renamed to make them easier to find.  All ACH and Wire functions are now located under the Payments & Transfers menu.

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  9. What will I find under Online Requests?

    This menu provides methods for you to securely connect with our electronic banking support team through either secure chat or secure email. 


    If you have general questions or need to send a non-secure email please feel free to use the links located in the top, right hand corner of the page.

     **Remember, never include sensitive information such as account information or social security numbers in a non-secure email.

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  10. Did the change affect my saved company information?

    No. Any company information, such as company users, account information, etc. remained intact. If you have questions or feel as though something is missing please contact a member of our electronic support team at (757)638-6724.

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  11. Will I have to reset my user preferences or passwords?

    No. Any preferences you previously set up such as customizing the main landing page that is displayed when you log in will remain intact.  Your passwords do not need to be reset unless prompted.

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  12. Who should I call with questions?

    If you have questions regarding Towne-Biz Plus please contact our electronic banking support team at (757)638-6724.

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